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Surrogacy Program

What is Surrogacy Program?

The surrogacy program is targeted for people with problems with the uterus and those who have miscarried many times due to recurrent miscarriage, it is a program in which the fertilized egg of a couple made by in vitro fertilization is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother to carry and give birth. Children completely inherit their parent's genes.
Surrogacy is possible in countries such as the United States and Ukraine.  O.G.M.S. cooperates with trusted agents and clinics overseas and coordinates carefully so that surrogate birth can be carried out smoothly.


Flow of Surrogacy Program

The surrogacy program in the United States is commonly done with the following flow.
The specifics will be explained at the consultation.


Surrogacy Program Flow 1
Please contact O.G.M.S. at:

Surrogacy Program Flow 2
Consultation with O.G.M.S. Staff (free)
Surrogacy Program Flow 3
Infectious disease test at designated clinic (both parents)

Surrogacy Program Flow 4
Perform IVF at the designated clinic and prepare a fertilized embryo
(PGS is recommended for surrogacy using ICSI method only)

Surrogacy Program Flow 5
Prepayment due to O.G.M.S.

Surrogacy Program Flow 6
Agreement with Surrogacy Agent in the USA

Surrogacy Program Flow 7
Selection of surrogate mother

Surrogacy Program Flow 8
Agreement with surrogate mother

Surrogacy Program Flow 9
Embryo transfer to surrogate mother, pregnancy

Surrogacy Program Flow 9
Intended parents stay in the United States two weeks before the expected birth

Surrogacy Program Flow 9
Return home with your child


Costs (Ex: United States)

1) Payment to O.G.M.S.  Prepayment of ¥750,000 (+tax)

Actual expenses (deducted from prepayment of ¥750,000 (+tax))

  • Coordinating Handling fee ¥500,000 (+tax)

  • Infectious disease test cost

  • Actual expenses etc. of expenses at designated clinic, etc.

2) Expenses to be paid to Surrogacy Agent and surrogate mother in the United States

  • $100,000 ~ $150,000
    ❈ Price varies depending on the intended parent’s situation, etc.

3) Intended Parent’s travel expenses to and from and while staying in the US, etc.

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