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Oocyte Donation Program

What is the Oocyte Donation Program?

This is a program in which women concerned about their own oocytes may receive an oocyte donation due to early menopause and abnormalities with their own oocytes, and decline in ovarian function due to age, even though there are no problems with their uterus. 
Due to the recent trend of late marriage, the demand for donor oocytes is increasing year by year.  Many of those who had tried several times at IVF and couldn’t have a successful OPU and therefore couldn’t move on to the next step, now will be able to receive donor oocytes, make a fertilized egg by micro-insemination, do an embryo transfer and move on to pregnancy. 
O.G.M.S. supports oocyte donation in a way that does not put economic or temporal burdens on couple as much as possible, while closely working with a designated clinic.


Oocyte Donation Program Flow

The oocyte donation program will be carried out in the following way.


Oocyte Donation Program Flow 1
Please contact O.G.M.S. at:

Oocyte Donation Program Flow 2
Consultation with O.G.M.S. Staff (free)
Oocyte Donation Program Flow 3
Decide on oocyte donor.

Oocyte Donation Program Flow 4
Contract (contract form, deposit).

Oocyte Donation Program Flow 5
O.G.M.S. contacts the oocyte donor.

Oocyte Donation Program Flow 6
Oocyte donor has OPU at designated clinic, and oocyte cryopreservation.

Oocyte Donation Program Flow 7
Frozen oocytes are transferred to you.


Introduction of Japanese Oocyte Donors

One of the most important processes of the oocyte donation program is selection of oocyte donors. O.G.M.S. is focusing on the introduction of Japanese egg donors, and we are building a system that allows us to select from a number of donors. Oocyte donors should be healthy women under the age of 35, and performs strict pre-registration review such as an identity check.


Oocyte Donor's Information Available to View

  • Face picture
  • Profile
Oocyte Donor's Information

Date of Birth Height Weight Blood Type Education Occupation Skin Color Hair Color Hair Type Eyelid Type (1 layer, 2 layers, etc.)
Donor’s and donor’s family’s health Medicine usage Children Race


You may consult (free) with us as many times as you like until you find the donor perfect for you.


❈We cannot arrange for you to meet the donors in person.

❈Your information will not be told to the oocyte donor.



Costs for the oocyte donation program will vary depending on the number of OPUs the oocyte donor undertakes and the number of oocytes harvested.  At the time of contract, a deposit of ¥3,000,000 will be paid to O.G.M.S. and after the completion of the cohort, a final bill will be calculated.


Actual costs

As a general matter of course, the fee structure for domestic donor oocytes is as follows. These are the fees taken into account in calculating, and deducted from, the ¥3,000,000 deposit.


Basic fee for OPU, per contract:
Oocyte collection fee ¥550,000-¥700,000 (¥605,000-¥770,000 yen with tax.) Exact amount will vary depending on the donor.

Per-oocyte fee:
¥100,000 yen per oocyte (¥110,000 including tax).
In principle, three eggs are stored in one container (cryotop) and the all freeze/thaw actions are performed on an entire cryotop at a time.

Advance payment to medical institutions
(treatment costs for complications associated with oocyte collection by oocyte donors, oocyte transfer acceptance fees, cryopreservation fees, etc.)

This may vary depending on the situation. For example, if 15 oocytes can be frozen in one OPU, it is estimated to be about 2.5 million yen.

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