Prenatal Test for Determining Fetal Sex Prenatal Test for Determining Fetal Sex
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Prenatal Test for Determining Fetal Sex

This is a DNA test that examines the sex of a newly growing fetus from the beginning of pregnancy using the blood of a pregnant mother.
By simply collecting blood from the mother, the test can be performed without damaging the pregnancy.

How can a fetal DNA test be done with the mother's blood?

Fetal DNA is contained in the mother's blood. It begins to flow through the placenta into the mother's bloodstream from the 6th week of pregnancy. After that, the amount of fetal DNA in the maternal blood increases in proportion to the gestation period, and it reaches a high level after the 14th week of gestation. Fetal DNA can be analyzed by extracting DNA from maternal blood and distinguishing it from maternal DNA.
There are two types of human sex chromosomes, the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. The combination of XX is for girls and the combination of XY is for boys. Therefore, if the fetal DNA can detect a valid signal on the Y chromosome, it is a boy, and if it cannot be detected, it is a girl because there is no Y chromosome.

How do you collect maternal DNA to distinguish it?

Please rub the inside of the cheek with a cotton swab and submit the oral epithelium as a sample. The mother's DNA is extracted from this sample.

From what week of pregnancy can you start the test?

It can be tested from the 7th week of pregnancy at the earliest.
Please be aware that the amount of fetal DNA in maternal blood varies greatly from person to person. The earlier the test is performed, the greater the likelihood that no fetal DNA can be distinguished in the blood sample.
Also, in the event of fetal death (for example in the case of ectopic pregnancy) there will not be fetal DNA in the mother’s blood sample.
Therefore, please have a medical examination in advance to confirm that you have a normal pregnancy, and then collect blood after the 7th week of pregnancy.
Blood will be collected at a medical institution designated by O.G.M.S.

What are the benefits of this test?

You can know the sex of the baby earlier than a typical ultrasound test, and there is no risk of damage to the fetus.
With ultrasound examinations, the sex of the fetus may be predicted by examining the genital area from around the 16th week of pregnancy and becomes clear around the 28th week of pregnancy.
However, at times, it may be difficult to make a judgment visually due to conditions such as the posture of the fetus.
On the other hand, this test using fetal DNA can be identified from the 7th week of pregnancy onward, and the sex of the fetal can be determined more accurately in the early stages of pregnancy.

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Prenatal Test for Determining Fetal Sex

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