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What is Donor Sperm?

Couples having problems with sperm and finding it difficult to get pregnant, the wife may receive artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization from sperm provided by a third party (sperm donor). This service is not only for couples, but also available to single women, and lesbian couples.
O.G.M.S. will support necessary procedures with American sperm banks and designated clinics and will coordinate it all so that the client can purchase sperm smoothly.


Donor Sperm Flow

We will carefully support you from sperm bank registration and up until it arrives at your clinic.

O.G.M.S. Flow of Sperm Donation Program

Sperm Donation program Flow 1
Please contact O.G.M.S. by email at

Sperm Donation program Flow 2
Telephone counseling (free of charge).

Sperm Donation program Flow 3
Booking an appointment (online consultation) and
selecting a sperm bank donor (please note that we cannot assist in choosing a bank).

Sperm Donation program Flow 4
Application (sending application emails, submitting documents,
payment in advance).

Sperm Donation program Flow 5
Ordering and shipping of sperm (usually done by yourself.
We act as agents for certain two companies).

Sperm Donation program Flow 6
Sperm shipment
(If you receive a notification of shipment from the sperm bank, please contact us).

Sperm Donation program Flow 7
Medical treatment (handled by us).

Sperm Donation program Flow 8
Payment settlement.



1) O.G.M.S. Costs

  • Prepayment ¥200,000
  • The details of the price
  • ・Coordinating Handling Fee ¥40,000 (With Tax:¥44,000)
  • ・Overseas Transfer Handling Fee ¥40,000 (With Tax:¥44,000)
  • Items below are the payments to the Clinic by O.G.M.S.
  • ・Transfer Handling Fee ¥27,000 (With Tax:¥29,700)+¥1,000 (With Tax:¥1,100)/1unit each
  • ・Preservation Fee
  • ・Document Fee(If needed) ¥50,000 (With Tax:¥55,000)

2) Sperm Bank Costs

  • Shipping Fee (from USA to Japan) $650~
  • Sperm Fee $600~$900 (Per 1 vial. Prices vary depending on the donor.)

3. Customs Related Cost

You are responsible for the difference of the customs related cost if it exceeded JPY10,000.

Inquiries │

We accept inquiries by email.  Tokyo · Osaka │ O.G.M.S.

Here is the mail to O.G.M.S.

Donor Sperm

The email address may vary depending on the content of your inquiry. Please check the mail address on each service page.

There may be a delayed reply to inquiries received at night, weekends/holidays, winter and summer break.
It may take some time to reply depending on the nature of the inquiry.